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6 Ways to Be a Plastic Free Traveller

Going plastic free seems achievable when you are in your normal routine at home but what about when you’re travelling? Simple we say! With Plastic Free July around the corner, being a responsible travel company, this issue of plastic pollution is a priority of ours, more so now that we know by 2020 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. So, here are 6 simple ways you can reduce plastic while you’re travelling. 

1. Bring a re-usable water bottle  

According to The Guardian (2017) one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and by 2021 that will jump by another 20% causing serious issues for the environment.

In a foreign country where we can’t drink the tap water, there are other solutions to buying bottled water. On many of our trips we offer boiled water and there are also many reliable water purification options such as ultraviolet light or purification tablets.  
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2. Say no to plastic straws  

Opt to sip without a plastic straw or bring your own metal straw. Plastic straws are an unnecessary convenience with a big impact on our world, and it's time we make a change. 

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3. Say no to plastic bags 

Bring your own light weight carry bag from home. There are many great ultralight ‘stuff-able’ bags on the marketing that fold up to the size of a small wallet. You can even buy ‘stuff-able’ backpacks!   

4. Avoid takeaway coffee cups 

Many of us love our coffee and don’t want to give up coffee whilst travelling, yet coffee cups are not recyclable. 

So, to avoid take-away cups, bring a reusable cup with you for an on-the-go caffeine hit. Or drink your coffee in-house and enjoy the café atmosphere!
Coffee Cup

5. Avoid buying travel size toiletries every time you travel 

De-canter from your larger soap and shampoo dispensers into reusable bottles or give an organic soap bar a try, they are a total game changer when it comes to packing and strict airport security.  

6. Use plastic-free cling wrap alternatives 

There are many great cling wrap including beeswax wraps. These are easy to pack and clean on the go and are great for packing your favourite snacks. 

Give our tips a try and let us know how you go! Did we miss anything from the list? Send us your tips via the Facebook page or comment on our Instagram feed. 


Thanks to Lexi Connors for contributing to this blog. 

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