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Responsible Travel

A vital part of our Charity Challenges


We recognise how important it is that our Charity Challenges do not diminish the natural values of the environment - and sustainability is a integral part of our planning. The World Expeditions Travel Group is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. It was a commitment formed when the company was established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment is stronger than ever. 

Our Charity Challenges always aim to benefit the local people, safeguard the ecosystems we explore and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience. 

The Responsible Travel Guidebook

Our Responsible Travel Guidebook has been written as an educational tool to ensure that our travellers and partners are aware if the role they play in our Responsible Travel efforts. The booklet sets out our environmental objectives and practices, provides examples of responsible tourism initiatives we put in place in the field and outlines how travellers can play a part in reducing the impact on environments and cultures around the world. Every Huma Charity Challenge traveller receives a copy of this guidebook. Please enjoy reading our award winning Responsible Travel Guidebook.