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6 Ways Trekking in Nepal Will Change You


Nepal is an unforgettable country, rich in many things including the world’s highest mountains, fertile valleys, peaceful villages and a gentle culture. It’s a place that changes you – capturing your heart, leaving you with lasting memories.

With so much to offer, it’s no surprise Nepal’s official tourism slogan is ‘once is not enough’. Here are six reasons that prove Nepal leaves a lasting impression on those who visit. 

1. You'll meet some of the world's friendliest people

Welcoming, warm-hearted and kind, the Nepalese are some of the most resilient and friendly people you’ll meet. They are eager to share the beauty of their country with foreigners, welcoming over half a million travellers each year with open arms. You’ll often be greeted by ‘namaste’ accompanied by a short bow with palms press together. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul of another and there is no better way to sum up the spirit of Nepal.

2. You'll be blown away by breathtaking views

Nepal is a feast for the eyes. From your first flight over the mountains, to each day of trekking – you’ll constantly be in awe of the incredible landscapes. Picture the play of light on the towering mountains, prayer flags strung across windswept passes, and remote villages perched amid some of the most striking landscapes on earth. These breathtaking views will stay etched in your mind for years to come. 

3. You'll reconnect to what's important 

Trekking in Nepal is a great opportunity to disconnect and take a break from everyday life. It will give you the chance to reflect and consider your goals and dreams. Getting out of your daily routine and venturing into the unknown will make you feel alive, enhance your creativity and fuel motivation. You’ll come back with a sense of clarity and a new lease on life! 

4. You'll make friends for life 

There is something about an adventure that brings people together in a way that forges life-long friendships. Laughter, stories and challenges unite people in a way like no other. Sharing trials and triumphs gives you something to bond over. They create special memories and an understanding of each other that would usually take many months to build. The friends you make on the trails of Nepal are often friends for years to come.

5. You'll help rebuild Nepal

Tourism is the country’s single largest industry and now, more than ever, the people of Nepal need something back from us. After catastrophic earthquakes in April 2015, Nepal is slowly rebuilding its crumbled homes, schools and landmarks. You can impact Nepal’s recovery by simply visiting the country. Trekking through Nepal has a flow on effect throughout the country, providing income to the likes of porters in small villages, taxi drivers in Kathmandu and café owners in Jomsom.

6. You’ll transform the lives of others

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